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– Use public feeds to increase reach

Use public feeds to build brand awareness and promote discovery with broad audiences.

Don’t rely on organic social alone—lean on social advertising and influencer marketing to increase your reach.

– Offer value in private channels

People go to private channels to escape noisy and impersonal public feeds.

Have a clear purpose for engaging one-to-one on private channels, and ensure you’re adding value in every conversation.

– Automate the easy stuff

Use a blend of automation and human connection to build deep relationships on private channels.

Bots are best for addressing the most common customer queries, but real people still need to handle the more nuanced and complex conversations.

– Deliver on your corporate promises

People are quick to call out organizations that run purpose-driven marketing without taking concrete action. 

– Focus on advocacy, not algorithms

Find the time to source content and make it easy for employees to share it across social media. 


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