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Arhivă lunarăfebruarie 2020


Whether you’re crafting social media posts, blogs or website content, it’s not easy to feed the thread 24/7. Still, it is crucial to spend the time to make your written and visual efforts shine—even if that means producing less content.

You can make the most of your text and visuals, by following these suggestions:

– Repurpose. Content can serve more than one platform or distribution channel.

– Repeat. Evergreen content should appear regularly in your editorial calendar.

– Reuse. For example, if you write a blog post on trade show marketing, it might be possible to re-share that post before every large trade show related to your business audience.

– Re-assess. When attempting to tame the content, it’s important to check whether your quality content is meeting marketing goals.

– Right your metrics. Prioritizing lead metrics: where leads are coming from, which website pages they’re spending the most time on, and what pages they interact with after your sales or marketing team has contacted them.


The last Super Bowl in US has brought a very interesting premiere. FOX TV the broadcaster of the match has optimized the screen for the mobile users to take photos of the match for sharing in the social media. Nice move! This can be used in other situations in order to have visibility as a brand.


I’ll take the risk to look in to the future of comm. as my experience could fill the gap of uncertainty.

For communicators, the next 10 years could look like the decade we closed out. The decade also could bring radical changes. A lot will depend on tech innovations, authenticity and new players in this highly competitive industry.

Here’s what I see:

1. Brand direct stories will be mainstream.

2. New kind of influencers: partners/employees and stakeholders will have a more prominent role in becoming brand advocates.

3. Technology Catches Up – the AI will play an important role, maybe they will write press releases. Psychographics, the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations and more, will be increasingly important.

Preparing for 2030

The communicators must learn continually. Enroll in higher educational PR certificate and accreditation programs. Digital and written.

And don’t forget: “PR is all about the people.” (Jim Haynes)


The virus now is a PR story. It involves internal and external communications as well as reputation management.

A Special case

The name of the virus is the same with the popular beer Corona of Constellation Brands.

Well, in all the hysteria of the China virus there are a lot of people thinking the virus is related with the beer.

I appreciate a lot the reaction of Corona Beer. First of all they issued a statement „We aren’t responding [the the conversation on social media], as we trust that our consumers, by and large, understand that this virus has nothing to do with our beer or our business.”. That was very wise. If you were to respond in social media, you would have to ways: trying to explain the ridiculous mistake or to hunt for the highest reach by making funny ads in the social media.

The first would have been futile as there are too much treads to control.

The second would definitely backfired by accusing the company of the mockery about a very serious global issue and of low morality.

So, let’s learn from the Corona PR pros to silently watching the unfolding of events, being, of course, ready if something get out of hand.