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There at lfew things that make this crisis very different from previous ones.

1. The first is that, unlike the 2008-2009 financial crisis, the coronavirus will force the return of big government.

2. The second is that the coronavirus provides one more demonstration of the mystique of borders, and will help reassert the role of the nation state within the European Union.

3. The lesson of the coronavirus relates to trust in expertise. Most people are very open to trusting experts and heeding the science when their own lives are at stake.

4. Unfortunately, the coronavirus could increase the appeal of the big data authoritarianism.

5. The fifth lesson concerns crisis management. To contain the pandemic, people should panic – and they should drastically change their way of living.

6. Covid crisis will have a strong impact on intergenerational dynamics.

7. At a certain point, governments will be forced to choose between containing the spread of the pandemic at the cost of destroying the economy or tolerating a higher human cost to save the economy.


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