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Many organizations don’t know the ins and outs of disclosure or how to speak about what happened. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
It’s our job as comms. to foresee potentially harmful narratives, events, or issues that could hurt the brands we represent. Cybersecurity is one of those issues. Breach threats aren’t going away anytime soon.
Here are recommendations for how start preparing for security incidents.
– Know Your Security Stakeholders
Interact with the security team within your organization and build a relationship with its members.

– Make a Plan
Build a crisis-response plan that identifies your organization’s strategy for disclosure. Know what medium you will use to disseminate news of a data breach or cybercrime. Know which media you should reach and talk to and know how you will communicate with customers.

– Identify Partners
Know whom you can turn to in times of crisis to help strengthen your organization.

– Test the Plan
Once you’ve identified a response plan that works, you must to test it. Collaborate with your security team and run a fake incident.


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