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Managing social media for a public institution offers unique challenges, boosting engagement without ‘sexy’ content.

Consider the following points:

1. Discover and maintain your brand’s voice.

 You could feature from time to time the logo, the key visual.

2. Celebrate your organization’s commitments and initiatives.

This includes celebrating milestones, the efforts and paying respect for others achievements.

3. Give your followers a peek behind the scenes.

Showing behind-the-scenes peeks can help connect your executives and organization with your target audience. It can also showcase how you treat employees.

4. Reflect current reality and timely news or trends—and be authentic.

You also should carefully consider how diverse and inclusive your visuals are, and how well they represent both your brand and your stakeholders.

5. Partner with similar organizations.

Cutting through the noise to reach audiences across social media platforms and more, consider partnering with other institutions or other organizations to increase your reach and provide validity for your content.


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