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 Clubhouse! The buzz around audio-based social media platforms is becoming deafening, with competitors rushing to clone their own apps. 

Less than a year old, Clubhouse is competing with Twitter Spaces. Facebook also wants a slice. 

But is it suitable for branding? Fellow professionals and I are hopping to establish industry connections on the platform, but we are wondering how to get a client on Clubhouse and set it apart using only audio. 

 If you want your client to be on something like Clubhouse, you need to establish what the role of audio is for it, because if you don’t think about that and just use the platform to show a pre-existing message, you’ll fail.

As a result, audio platforms are a match for businesses that are linked to a hobby or a passion, such as tech brands that could sponsor exclusive events discussing a new product or technology. 

Brands can host their own “show” in a Clubhouse room by leading sessions and having people come in and discuss.

Most important: authentic conversation is the most important part of these activations. It’s about being more accessible. 


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