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– Use public feeds to increase reach

Use public feeds to build brand awareness and promote discovery with broad audiences.

Don’t rely on organic social alone—lean on social advertising and influencer marketing to increase your reach.

– Offer value in private channels

People go to private channels to escape noisy and impersonal public feeds.

Have a clear purpose for engaging one-to-one on private channels, and ensure you’re adding value in every conversation.

– Automate the easy stuff

Use a blend of automation and human connection to build deep relationships on private channels.

Bots are best for addressing the most common customer queries, but real people still need to handle the more nuanced and complex conversations.

– Deliver on your corporate promises

People are quick to call out organizations that run purpose-driven marketing without taking concrete action. 

– Focus on advocacy, not algorithms

Find the time to source content and make it easy for employees to share it across social media. 


As the new year starts and content planning begins in earnest, marketers should be on the lookout for the next big moments in social.

Here you have four of the biggest game-changers, according to the Hootsuite:

1. Companies will balance public and personalized messages. Brands will continue to invest in both personalized and public messaging, with some assistance from automation.

2. Brands will keep taking a stand. Employers are significantly more trusted by the public than NGOs, businesses, government and the media. Some organizations will take advantage of this role, building more progressive internal culture while amplifying company purpose via employee and customer advocacy.

3. TikTok is expected to grow. With more than 800 million monthly active users, the majority of whom are 16 to 24 years old, TikTok is still on the rise.

4. Performance marketing will amplify social efforts. As social marketers expand their skillsets, they will need to become fluent in performance marketing, a discipline once limited to advertising technologists and digital marketing agencies. 


The Christmas holidays are upon us and for many businesses this means closing down and going on holidays.

However just because the holidays are looming it doesn’t mean you need to wind down your PR activities for the year.

The festive season can inspire you to develop newsworthy story angles to pitch into the media.

Here are some angle ideas you can use:

– Holiday angles: The same holidays come around every year and journalists are always looking for a fresh new angle on these topics. For example you could pitch an angle about New Year’s business resolutions specific to your industry.

– Human interest: Around Christmas the media like to cover feel good stories about charity activities and inspirational journeys. If your business is doing something charitable you can use this as an angle to pitch to a specific journalist.

– Season angles: You can pitch an angle around the change of season and tie it back to your business. For example summer marketing trends.

While it may be tempting to stop your activities, let the festive season inspire you to discover great new ideas for your PR strategy.


Doing PR for a startup can be fun and exciting since often it requires communicators to think more creatively than when working with a company that’s already branded and positioned.

– Education, Positioning and Storytelling

Much of the PR pro’s job at the outset of a startup is educational. Explain how PR works. PR people also need to emphasize how important it is to create a story.

– Do Research!

It’s essential for PR pros to research the market sector when beginning a relationship with a startup. A tip: to answer these questions, look at coverage of previous startups.

– See the media environment

In addition, see how top media outlets and their reporters reacted to other companies news. Read customer complaints and comments. Take all of this research into consideration when building launch plan for the startup.

– Pitching

Next, absorb content from the most important outlets and look up the editors or broadcaster’s information. Contact them, confirm the areas they cover. If it fits, it sits!

Once you have an understanding of the marketplace, and guided your startup in the PR, the company is ready for launch.