More and more the PR industry is relying on events to get a good part of the revenue. So, here are some tips I learned in my 15 years of doing event management:

- Create a Whatsapp group with all the people involved.

- Secure the venue and do the location navigation (know perfectly the place of the event);

- Hire the vendors (catering, drinks, entertainers)

- First aid (have in mind that larger the participation, greater odds to happen something with someone);

- Emergency exits;

- Noise (the local legal regulations for noise, the noises from the building etc);

- Dietary requirements;

- Time constraints;

- Licences (playing music, providing food for vendors and attendees, using public land, selling or providing alcohol);

- Create an event page;

- Put together a promotion strategy;

- Make a contingency plan (or two);

Well, these are only very few tips. If you need help and advice for an event, do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to help! (Look at this video. It's perfect to show the care you must put for a perfect event).

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