Everyone has a story written under torn paper.

Telling compelling stories adds another dimension to our writing. Whether you’re a blogger or any other kind of nonfiction writer, you can use the techniques of memoirists to connect with your readers on a deeper level.

1. Everyone has a story to tell You may not think that you have any stories to tell, but that’s not true. Everyone does.

2. Focus on telling your truth

3. Answer the question: What is your story about? The answer to this question will help you determine the focus of your piece.

4. Make your theme universal and uplifting A universal and uplifting theme will make it relevant to your readers as well.

5. Lead your reader by the hand It is important to step back from your story and examining it as if you were the reader.

6. Use every page to drive a single story forward As we write our personal stories, we need to make sure we are only including the most important moments: the ones that drive our story forward.

7. Save deleted paragraphs for future inspiration

8. Use your theme as a guide as you write and edit Never lose sight of the original theme.

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