The cheapest way to make advertising is to be promoted by your satisfied customers. Thus, there’s very important to increase your company’s NPS or the likelihood that customers will recommend you to others.

If you only measures the customer’s satisfaction at the end of his experience, you’ll learn only one thing: his final judgment. If you had measured it across the entire value chain, you would have learned much more. His experience fluctuated over time. And the most positive experiences probably represented consistent strengths of the company – which is important for the business to understand.

If you want your customers to do something positive on your behalf, like review your business online, make a recommendation, repurchase, the ideal moment is just after their most positive experience. Why wait for the end of the experience, particularly if something negative may occur? It makes sense to do it immediately after the highest average moment of satisfaction. (You will only know where that is after measuring satisfaction at various points in the customer value chain.)

For example, you have the graph to show you how to do it and replicate it to your business.

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