While some communicators have the benefit of focusing solely on social, the majority of us must take a mar-comm approach for our organizations, merging public relations with social media management.
I must clear up the lack of understanding as to how the media works—everyone seems to be winging it. A basic understanding of journalists’ priorities would serve our professional communities and help educate the newest entrants of this industry.
A simple approach to improving press releases and pitches is the following: be SMART.
S: Strategic Stories that are well planned and developed.
M: Meaningful to the recipient (not your boss!).
A: Accurate (in facts and newsworthiness), distributed to media lists that are…
R: Relevant.
T: Targeted.
Email and social media have provided a zillion corners to cut. As a mental exercise, avoid leaning on your digital laurels for once and pretend that you are going to call someone—interrupting their day—and have 10 seconds to make your pitch. That was in the old times, but still a good memento to think.

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