Doing PR for a startup can be fun and exciting since often it requires communicators to think more creatively than when working with a company that’s already branded and positioned.

– Education, Positioning and Storytelling

Much of the PR pro’s job at the outset of a startup is educational. Explain how PR works. PR people also need to emphasize how important it is to create a story.

– Do Research!

It’s essential for PR pros to research the market sector when beginning a relationship with a startup. A tip: to answer these questions, look at coverage of previous startups.

– See the media environment

In addition, see how top media outlets and their reporters reacted to other companies news. Read customer complaints and comments. Take all of this research into consideration when building launch plan for the startup.

– Pitching

Next, absorb content from the most important outlets and look up the editors or broadcaster’s information. Contact them, confirm the areas they cover. If it fits, it sits!

Once you have an understanding of the marketplace, and guided your startup in the PR, the company is ready for launch.

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