The Christmas holidays are upon us and for many businesses this means closing down and going on holidays.

However just because the holidays are looming it doesn’t mean you need to wind down your PR activities for the year.

The festive season can inspire you to develop newsworthy story angles to pitch into the media.

Here are some angle ideas you can use:

– Holiday angles: The same holidays come around every year and journalists are always looking for a fresh new angle on these topics. For example you could pitch an angle about New Year’s business resolutions specific to your industry.

– Human interest: Around Christmas the media like to cover feel good stories about charity activities and inspirational journeys. If your business is doing something charitable you can use this as an angle to pitch to a specific journalist.

– Season angles: You can pitch an angle around the change of season and tie it back to your business. For example summer marketing trends.

While it may be tempting to stop your activities, let the festive season inspire you to discover great new ideas for your PR strategy.

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