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We face challenging times with sharp shifting in behaviors and services. These times when almost every restaurant closed by the outbreak tries to go on delivery, the competition is fierce. Here are some comm. tips for the new comers in the food delivery business.

1. Train your staff for the best customer service:

Ensure that each of your staff experiences the necessary training that goes into the making. 

2. Guaranteeing effective communication between staff members 

Communication between the delivery staff and kitchen staff is essential for the smooth delivery of the food.

3. Accurate wait timings 

Using a restaurant management system can reduce order processing time.

4. Making online menus

An easy to understand menu is far better than modifying it with over designing.

5. Managing online customers complaints and concerns

The issue of any client needs to be dealt with very seriously.

6. Improving customer service

Giving great service to customers is very mandatory.

7. Proper communication between restaurant and customers

A lot of restaurant delivery orders are got late not only because the preparation, but also because of the prolonged delivery time.

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