Yes, there will be a post-Covid19 time!

And we should be prepared in the Digital PR.

– Stop scheduling social media content, or do so a few days in advance only.

– Consider content strategy on a day-by-day basis to work better as this moment is fluid. We don’t know what is going to happen or what the next day may bring. While we can and should plan for what we think will happen and the content we assume people may want, reality is that things will continue to change instantly.

– It’s not the time to go dark on social media or freeze ad spending. Instead, consider how to be meaningful and memorable to retain, grow and expand followers and customers tomorrow.

– Expect parts of the country to open and relax restrictions at different rates. For communicators, this means thinking and acting hyper locally when it comes to digital advertising and promotion.

– People are relying on digital tools and platforms to communicate and stay connected. Creativity, relevance and messaging are more critical at this moment. Those who fail to change will be left behind.

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