The text structure is crucial for your website SEO!

The structure of the texts on your site is important for SEO. If your content is clearly structured, your chance to rank well in Google will be higher.

Headings and subheadings are really important, as is the first paragraph of a text.

Just like people scan texts in a certain way, so does Google.

Setting up articles with clear structure has a positive effect on the ranking for another reason as well. 

You need to pay attention to:

1.    The first paragraph of your text

You should clearly formulate what your post is about in the first paragraph. You only have seconds to draw your reader’s attention.

2. Your headings

Headings should be attractive and should clearly state the content of the paragraph below it. 

3. The first sentence of every new paragraph. 

Make sure the first sentence of a paragraph is the most important, the core sentence, of that paragraph.

Chances are Google will pay extra attention to these sentences, in order to determine the topic of a text. They are great places to use your keyword, if possible.

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