The SEO strategies are mainly focused on some principles that Google considers cardinal while ranking websites on its Search Engine Results Page.

Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. In simple terms, it’s nothing but a few benchmarks that Google uses to assess the quality of websites.

Here are some facts, besides the raw technical part behind.

1. Responsive Design 2.0: most websites on the internet are responsive. However, there the shift in the whole process of creating is on mobile-optimized website.

2. Check for SSL Certification: Google prefers ranking secured websites over insecure ones.

3. Target Audience is The King: You may have learnt the tip – content is the king. Looking at the way the digital marketing industry is moving, we can say that content is just a tool, and the real deal is the target audience.

4. Build Links: The backbone of Google Search Engine is how it understands the links and transfers the authority from one website to the other. The relevance and quality of the sites that you see on the search results page are deeply dependent on this factor.

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