Much like people trust McDonald’s to provide a product that’s cheap and filling, your brand is an attempt to get people to associate you with certain qualities. At its core, your brand is your reputation; how people think of you.

2020 – Your Personal Brand is Mostly Digital

Brands used to be just for businesses. But then the internet happened. All kinds of information started moving around the world. Part of the reason the importance of personal branding has increased so much in the past decade or so is because suddenly, everyone has access to some degree of information about everyone else.

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Put yourself in the shoes of people searching your name and look at yourself from their point of view: Google yourself!

Define your own personal brand mission by thinking about these 3 simple questions: WHO, WHY and WHAT.

Craft Your Digital Presence

I often recommend to write at least one post a week. Whether that’s on LinkedIn or a personal blog.

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