What a year was 2020!

In 2021 you should get ready for ethical thinking, non-traditional communicating, fighting fake news, more disruption and more opportunities.

– Ethics

2021 will be the year when we should stand up for what we believe in and push the boundaries of our perceived structural limitations.

– Search for new ways of communicating

The challenge in the public sector will be vaccine hesitancy and continuing to maintain compliance with public health messages. In the private sector, it will be a deeper understanding of audiences – what makes your message stand out?

– The war on fake news will continue

– Analogue vs Digital

Analogue is in decline. Digital is in its ascendancy. Aside from channels, communicators will be challenged on their thinking.

 – Trustworthiness must extend from PR, comms and journalism to influencers

– AI – the new player

– Some opportunities will depend on Government choices

– Disruption

The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is going to be severe. That means a challenging environment for the communications sector and clients.

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