For me as a PR pro, addressing skill gaps around technology and data has become one of the most important feature of my business in the last 2 years.
But what are those new areas?
1. AI and machine learning for keyword and content analysis.
Content keywords have always mattered for writers of online content, but artificial intelligence promises to surface new insights and provide a leg up for communicators who can maximize the tools that govern the worldwide web.
2. Visualization software and VR immersive experiences bring data stories to life.
Virtual reality is getting a closer look as many organizations seek to improve interactions and create more engaging experiences during ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.
3. The improved social and reputation-monitoring dashboard.
The importance of a successful tool that helps monitor reputation and audience trust will be crucial for all organizations in the months ahead.
4. Use your content ROI analytics.
PR pros should become familiar with the tools that have become essential for the marketing side.
This includes establishing the message and narrative mapping across platforms.

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