Internal comm


On the surface, this communication challenge may seem insurmountable. Fake news, toxic social media misinformation, and eroding trust in institutions like government and media appear to be a recipe for a communication disaster.
However, corporate communicators have more influence to address the vaccination issue than they may realize. Employees depend on employers for healthcare, as well as health information, among other things.
So, let’s speak about coronavirus vaccination. It’s important to make internal communication around the vaccine engaging, direct, people-focused, and even fun.
Here are some ideas:
– Video is Essential
Start small. For example, try a 1-minute video. Include testimonials from employees sharing why they’re getting vaccinated.
– Make it Engaging and Shareable
Another way to increase engagement is to make vaccination fun. For example, anyone who gets the vaccine is eligible for a weekly prize.
If companies commit to providing 360-degree support to internal stakeholders, communicators can help COVID-19 fade into the background.

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