Social Media


Social media has given the easiest way for companies to communicate directly with consumers. 

One way to fully take advantage of social media is to use scheduling features for the content. But, sometimes, you’ll have to cancel your scheduled content due to various situations:

1. A crisis has hit your company. 

When a crisis happens to your company, your public relations team needs to be fully dedicated to it across the board. For online content, canceling scheduled social media posts so you can handle the crisis is a must.

2. Something has happened in the world. 

Major events can strike the world at any time. Content that would be considered harmless one day can be viewed as insensitive the next.

3. More relevant content has come up 

Trends and what’s popular change all the time on social media. If a big trend comes up and your company would like to participate in it, you can move back existing content and create new content that ties into the trend.

Scheduling your social media content is great, but you need to be willing to improvise. Improvisation is one of the key skills of great public relations!

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