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It’s not easy being in PR—especially when you’re expected to make a big impact with limited resources.
Here are some ways to maximize your PR impact on limited resources
🟢 Automate your media monitoring
An automated tool may require some time and effort to get things set up, but once you have your foundational searches running, it’s just a matter of evolving your keywords to suit your needs.
🟢 Use a news release tool to get your message out
If you’re wondering about the efficacy of news releases in today’s media landscape, I can tell you that they are still relevant.
Please mind that a release isn’t meant for every piece of news your brand or client produces.
🟢 Become a master of the numbers
Developing quantitative acumen is an essential step in connecting your PR activities and outcomes to business goals. Good tools for media monitoring and news release distribution provide insight into performance thanks to built-in reporting functions.
Once you understand how these functions work, take advantage of the insights and put them to use.

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