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With all the time people have spent working from home, many have become attached to the flexibility which it comes with. But, how cultivate a constructive culture when people aren’t in the office together?

One of the most important determinants of a relationship is proximity. Proximity, however, is all about perception.


🔵 Shared Purpose

Teams will need to see how their work connects and intersects. They will need to be reminded frequently of mutual dependencies.

🔵 Fairness

If people do not have a sense of equity and justice, they will quickly lose motivation.

🔵 Conflict

With hybrid working, leaders and team members will need to be attuned to potential differences and reinforce the need for healthy disagreement.

🔵 Visibility and Accessibility of resources and decisions.

🔵 Social Capital

To maintain positive cultures in hybrid working situations, leaders will need to be intentional about encouraging people to build their networks. 

🔼 The most important thing to realize about hybrid working is the intentionality and effort necessary to maintain culture. 

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